Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beacons of hope

Their love for each other was unmistakeable. Neil and Bee. He was in a car accident a few yesars ago, which left him with a host of injuries. He has had to undergo a number of surgeries, and is in mostly good health now. Except that his thinking and memory is affected. I met him in 2005 when he came to volunteer at my work place. It was arranged that he help us out because it would be good for his recovery. In return we were blessed by his friendly and positive personality.

Now I see that he has fallen in love. Bee - She can't really manage to walk without Neil gently supporting her. She is beautiful with well groomed hair, face and dress. I can see her mind is sharp, but she struggles to form words in her mouth. She talks, I try to listen and only understand a little. Neil "translates" for her - he understands everything she says. She too was in an accident and her injuries have taken longer to heal.

Neil still comes to voluteer and this week he had brought Bee with him. I met them on their way our of our building so didn't get long to chat with them. But I was drawn to their warmth and obvious love for each other - so tender.

As I work part time I am not always up to date with everyone's news. So I asked a colleague to update me to Neils relationship with Bee. They have been in a relationship for a while now, in fact that have made promises of love to each other and exchanged rings. They are in some senses married, but they cannot live together as the complications of both their injuries would make it too difficult. They both live with their own families - in two different cities! But they don't let distance undermine their love - they travel regularly to visit each other.

I was so moved by their story - their love is a beacon of hope for me, and for my dreams and contemplations about Matt's future. If you read my blog regularly you will know that my deep prayer for Matt is that he will always be loved. I am not necessarily talking about "marriage love" - but just love: "interaction, understanding, belonging, friendship love". In a world where people so often get distracted by outward appearances, ability, success, and power - Neil and Bee's love tells me that there are people who can see past all the outward stuff and love the person on the inside. That is indeed a beacon of hope.


Kerri H said...

What a beautiful love story..this is my hope to for my Logan..that he be happy and loved! Thanks for sharing..Hugs to Matt!!!

Neeb said...

Matt will always be loved by family Jax- blood is thicker than water!!!xxx