Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday

Matt turned TWO years old. We had a weekend of festivity. Matt had 7 mini-parties over the space of 4 days. Each mini party did not have more than 6 or 7 guests. This meant that Matt was happy and comfortable and did not withdraw, nor feel overwhelmed. And it actually worked out nicely for us too because we got to chat and connect with our guests.

I got lots of hugs - here I am with my uncle, Kennet.

I did a birthday dance with Mormor (Danish - grandmother)

I got lots of birthday cards.

And what fun opening my presents...hhhmm what is in this big red box???

Look at all these balls I got!!!!

More hugs and cuddles - here with Aunty Merle, and Jacqui (not my mom)

More hugs and smiles (this is Lindz)

When everyone was chatting and eating I got to play , which was nice.

Unlike Matt’s first birthday when sorrow accompanied the celebration, this year we felt pure joy. I think we must have done a fair amount of grieving and working through our emotions during the last 12 months to allow us to enjoy the celebration of Matt and his life. We have reached a place where we are a lot more at peace with Matt’s syndrome and with the life that accompanies his challenges. I think it helps that Matt’s precious personality is becoming more and more evident. The more we get to know him, the more we just delight in him.


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday, Matt!

Two is sooooo much better than one!

Natalie :)

Valerie said...

Happy 2 year old birthday!!! What fun! I love the pictures. It looks like Matt is having a fantastic celebration! :-D

Carina said...

Happy Birthday precious Matt!