Thursday, March 13, 2008

Like water in a desert place

I didn’t even realize how alone I had been feeling. I had not recognized that there was a deep sense of isolation in my soul – I know that my life changed when Matt was born. I know that my path has been different to those of my friends who also became mothers. I know that my joys and sorrows are not all the same as theirs. I know all that, but I did not realize how much it was chipping away at me, at my sense of being, at my sense of belonging.

But God knew. And I believe that it was by His leading that I came across the blog sites of 4 mothers who have children with RTS. I have looked at the RTS websites in the past and seen that others are also travelling along our road, however it does not compare to reading a blog where a person shares the every day, as well as the profound thoughts and experiences of parenting a child with RTS. I spent a few days reading each blog from the beginning to the end. I wept as I connected with their pain and their joy. It was in those moments that I found sameness and belonging – even though continents separate us. Their stories were like sweet water to my lonely, dry, and thirsty soul. I thank God for bringing me upon their path. I thank God for technology like internet and blogs. I thank God for revealing my loneliness but in the same breath blessing me with belonging.

My prayer is to find a way to connect with those in South Africa who have children with RTS. Statistically they must exist. I look forward to meeting them one day.


Jessica said...

Always here.

Myssie said...

I enjoy reading your blog too! I am so glad that you found me! I am always here for you. Even though we have never met or may never meet, we are family. I look forward to reading all about you and your Matt.