Saturday, September 30, 2006

Self Sacrifice

I was about to be discharged from hospital after my caesarean section. No feelings of joy or anticipation filled my heart as I was to return home alone, leaving my 4 day old son in the high care unit. How I wanted to short-cut his recovery so that I could have him home. Natural feelings you might say. But I realised that it was all about my need. In fact his need was to get the medical care that only the high care unit could offer. I then realised that up until that point in my life all the “selfless” things I thought I had done had in fact always benefited me in some way. Having a child and being committed to meeting his needs means self sacrifice: Truly doing things you don’t want or like doing; or not doing things that you so want to do, in order that your child’s needs are met.

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