Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wielding the power inside her effectively...

I love this..

'delayed' is a word that helps neither me nor my daughter at all, nor any professionals that serve her.  To think of development, milestones, victories - only in vertical linear patterns keeps us in a "catch up" mindset.  I don't believe Addie is delayed.  I think she's just different.  Even when she could walk, it wasn't that she caught up to other kids - she still does it differently.  She is unable to speak verbally, but that is not a matter of being behind, we are not awaiting speech.  She communicates effectively through a variety of other means.  And our goal is not that she do things like everyone else.  It's that she does things in a way that helps her understand, appreciate and wield the power inside her effectively - no matter if it looks nothing like those around her.
a quote from Terri who blogs here, and whose comments on our RTS Email Support Group always inspire me to pursue a future for Matt that has concepts like belonging, participation, contributing meaningfully and other ideas that push towards Matt being appreciated as a valuable person in society.

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