Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tour Matt's School

The other day I brought my camera to Matt's school to take some photos to upload onto his iPad. And Matt took me on a tour of his school.

Matt in his classroom.

 Matt's lovely teacher

 The warm and friendly teacher assistant who keeps a special eye on Matt.

 Matt has learnt how to swing on the rings. Mom is surprised.

 Matt has conquored the tricky slide, where you have to climb under a beam to access it. A little bit of help is however always welcomed.

 Hoola hooping, I am told, is a favourite activity.

 The sandpit - a fantastic sensory place for Matt

 Matt proudly showed me how bravely and quickly he climbed the rope climbing frame, only to get really nervous at the top. Neither his mom or Matt could figure out how to get that leg over the top. Something we both need to work on. Matt was carried to safety.

 A favourite cushion - I am told Matt snuggles with it on a daily basis.

 Cheers - Matt loves the pretend kitchen area.

And the dress up area.

Thanks for showing us your new school Matt

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