Sunday, January 22, 2012

A giant step

Last week Friday 13th January, Matt started in a main stream preprimary school.

This is the comment that I posted on Facebook that morning.

Matt started pre-primary school this morning in a mainstream school. Feels like a giant step for me. But for him it is just his next step in a series of steps, each of which have exceed his mother's expectations. To think when he was born I didn't know if he would b eva b able to walk, talk or eat solid foods!

To this I received 67 LIKES and 33 comments.

This was not because we are widly popular, but because so many of our friends and family recognised the momentous occasion. After Matt's first day  of school was behind me I felt a very strong emotion  - that sense of accomplishment one feels after an event or date one has been working towards for a long time. I have had that feeling before...the day of my wedding...the day I graduated from university.

But enough about me. Matt met his teacher who showed him where his locker is and showed him the toilet and his own towel. Then he was introduced to his classroom. I got to hang out with him in his classroom for 30 minutes; exploring the different activities. The bell went, and all the kids sat in a circle. Matt was happy to join them. Gave me a kiss and a wave. Off I went with my heart in my throat. Returning at the end of the morning, I was told Matt was happy, and spent the time exploring his new environment.

In the car on the way home, I asked Matt what he did in his new school. "Play in sand" was his reply, and asked what else he did "drum" he said with a smile.

PS/ We were too emotionally on edge that we forgot to capture this big step on camera. Will address that oversight soon.

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