Saturday, December 17, 2011

Matt in concert

Matt's last play group day ended with a marvelous concert where the kids sang some of their favourite songs. Matt was in his element with all the music and movement.

It was heart-warming to see Matt totally absorbed in the songs, doing all the actions and loving every minute. You can see he understands the words and meaning of the songs. He really has come a long way when I think back to last years concert.

Singing the Barney song, and Matt looks at his mom as he signs the HUG FROM ME TO YOU! Precious!

Matt's favourite song was where he got to play his drum. And boy did he beat that drum! The song had different sections where different instruments are supposed to play..the shaker, the wood block and the drum. Matt couldn't contain himself to just play the drum when it was the drums turn, no he played his drum during all the parts.

I don't often post videos as they take so loooong to upload. But I had to share this with you... the first is precious because Matt spontaneously introduces the song. My video camera is not the most sophisticated so the sound isn't great, but you can hear him say "hello song",  then he goes on to say "hello, hello, hello say hello"...

I love this next clip because you catch a glimpse of Matt having a little grinning moment with one of his friends. And it is fun to watch him doing all the actions.

We are so proud of our no-longer-little Matt, he has really exceeded all our expectations this year. Also we are so grateful for the play school environment that has allowed him to flourish.

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Cindy said...

So great to see him in action and speaking so clearly! I'm so glad you can see and appreciate how much progress he's's such a wonderful blessing.