Friday, November 18, 2011

A bush-wacking mama the midst of all my concerns for next year, I must admit, I am not completely overwhelmed. One of the reasons is that I am not beating down raw vegetation to carve down a path in a completely unknown land. There is a path...yes it is a little overgrown, yes the jungle of the unknown and potential problems is dark around me...but there is a path.

This week I met a lady who has been key in creating a path in this part of the jungle where I find myself. Her name is Glenda. Her son Daniel used to go to the same preprimary school where Matt is going next year. Daniel is a remarkable boy who made a deep impression on the staff and children of the school in his time. Daniel also has Down Syndrome. It was because of Glenda's impassioned appeal to the principal that Daniel was given a chance in join the school. It was because of Daniels personality and his mother's care that, not only the principal but one of his teachers, decided engage in further studies around how to include kids with special needs into their school.

So when I knocked on the school door earlier this year, and I saw the principals embracing heart towards Matt...I know that lady that I need to thank for creating this little pathway is Glenda.

Not only a bush-wacking mama who has carved out a place for her boy in a mainstream setting, but a woman of such sensitivity, courage and joy. She came to my house for a cup of tea, and what was initially planned to be a half an hour chat to meet up, turned into a nearly hour and half visit where we shared stories, laughter and tears. I now count her as one of my friends. Someone I can phone for advice or just to rant or to share a story of triumph.

Thank you God for Glenda and for others who have pioneered in the making this world a more embracing place for Matt.

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Terri H-E said...

I love meeting these powerful mamas. Seeing the path that someone else whacked inspires and empowers me to try and widen it or whack another to a different destination. Cheers to you and to Glenda!