Sunday, October 23, 2011

Party Time

This year we decided to have a joint birthday party for our boys. It was a big celebration:

A celebration of Nic's life because he could have so easily not have made it through my pregnancy, and now he is a year old

And a celebration of Matt who is 5 years old and makes us so proud as we watch his personality unfold, as we witness him pushing boundaries on expectations.

Here are some pictures of the lovely afternoon 

We were delighted that Matt's RTS sister, Payton and brother, Sam, could join us for part of the celebrations  

My mom having a bonding moment with Payton

And other friends from church and our neighbourhood celebrated with us too.

 Matt has outgrown his being overwhelmed by big crowds and so had lots of fun, playing and eating!

Nic had lots of fun too!

The birthday cake, well actually lots of birthday cupcakes - 1 cupcake for Nic and 5 for Matt.

 Matt needs no help blowing out the candles!

 Thanks to all joined us and made this celebration so very special.

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