Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Herding Cats

Another blogging mom mentioned a while back that getting her three kids ready to get out the house was like herding cats. I feel like that every time we have to get Matt to a therapy session. Unlike visiting friends where it is acceptable to be 10 minutes late, one really can't afford to be late for a therapy session. So this adds pressure to the preparation process . I often chuckle at the chaos that needs to be brought under control in order to get both boys out the door and into the car. Herding cats is a brilliant metaphor.

Today was no different. Matt's session was due to start at 1pm. We had to leave at 12.45 to make it in time.

11.50 Matt is dressed ready to go and Nic is woken from his nap so that both boys can have enough time to eat lunch.

12.00 Nic's nappy is changed and dressed ready to go.

12.05 Both boys are eating lunch. Mom smiles contently - all is going according to plan. We can have a leisurely lunch as all we need to do after lunch is wipe faces, and a quick toilet visit for Matt, and then out the door. The travel bag is already packed with extra change of clothes for both boys, nappies, wipes, snacks and entertainment for Nic.

12.25 Lunch finished. Mom very chuffed - we are on target.

12.26 Nic's sippy cup is not screwed on properly so most of his juice pours out whilst he drinks. Change of clothes required.

12.28 Mom races with Nic upstairs to put on new clothes. This job should never be undertaken by one person alone as Nic despises dressing and is an excellent escape artist. But what can you do when you are alone - so Mom get focussed on maximum entertainment to distract him whilst changing his clothes. A mildly successful tactic, which means we take 8 minutes instead of 10 minutes to complete the task.

12.30 Whilst Mom and Nic are upstairs Matt decides to undress too and starts playing drums with his drumsticks on the laundry bucket.

12.36 Mom returns downstairs to find she now needs to dress Matt again, only Matt wants to play the drums.

12.37 Mom tries to dress Matt, Matt continues to play drums. Nic also wants to play drums.

12.39 Matt almost plays drums on Nic's head, Mom grabs Matt's arm to prevent damage to Nic's skull. Matt angry with Mom's restraint and tries to bite mom.

12.40 Mom yanks arm away in self defence whilst yelling at Matt, losing a bit of control. Matt starts crying.

12.41 Mom tries to calm Matt and finish dressing him whilst keeping Nic at arm's length. All the while explaining that hitting Nic and biting Mom is not acceptable behaviour.

12.43 Matt is dressed.

12.44 Mom helps Matt go to the toilet. Mom is a little concerned that Nic is being so quiet.

12.45 Toilet business finished. Mom sees Nic playing nicely in the lounge. Relieved.

12.46 Matt wants to take his drumsticks in the car. Fine, Mom agrees.
Matt wants to take the very large laundry basket into car too. Not fine, Mom disagrees.
Negotiation takes place.

12.47 Matt agrees to taking a small tin along in place of the large laundry basket - it can also be used as a drum. Nic has now disappeared.

12.48 Mom finds Nic - he is eating our pets' food in the kitchen. Mom picks up Nic removing the pellets from his mouth.

12.49 Mom ushers Matt outside the front door whilst holding Nic.

12.55 The cats have been successfully been herded into their car seats. Whew! Ok 5 minutes to get there, dang we are gonna be late.


Nicky said...

Oh Jax, love it! No - not that you had so much trouble getting the "cats herded", but love your account thereof...can just picture every second it! :)

Myssie said...

Hehehehe, herding cats is fun isn't it?!?!

Julia Travis said...

It is wonderful when a funny story can give you a new perspective - it will make this therapist a little more understanding when parents arrive late to sessions! Thank you for sharing... (Finally found a way to log my comments, try to read the blog every couple of months when I remember and always learn something)