Wednesday, July 27, 2011


More more he called & signed as I pushed him on the swing. Big swing he joyfully cried out, meaning that it was going really fast. Matt hardly gets much time in his swing at home these days because Nic tends to crawl in front of it. Nic was asleep then so Matt and I were having some uninterrupted bonding time, and Matt was enjoying his quality swing time.

And that is when it happened, the rope holding the one side of the swing up snapped. In mid-flight. At great speed. Matt toppled over, landing on his head as this swing dragged him backwards. Oh that I could have reached out fast enough to break his fall. The image still haunts me.

I was convinced something would be broken - an arm, a cheek bone, his skull!!!! Matt was screaming! Sometimes being a mom is really hard.

Once we both calmed down, I asked him to move his arms, fingers, toes, neck, head and any other body part I could think of. I was astounded to conclude that, beside the huge bump on his head and the very nasty grazes on his face, he was intact with no serious damage or broken bones.

This all happened yesterday.

Matt seemed in good spirits today. Although a number of times I would here him say & sign - sometimes to me, sometimes to himself - swing broke. When he looked in the mirror he would touch his graze and quietly say sore, swing broke. I think he is trying to process it all. As am I.

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Cindy said...

Oh, how scary! I'm so glad he's ok!