Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A mystery

Big brother Matt has a broken arm. And how did it happen? Well we are really not sure. Last week Thursday we noticed that Matt asked for help to get into the car seat - he can normally climbs up on his own. And that afternoon during play with rice and beans he was only using one hand whereas he usually loves rubbing and moving both his hands through the textures. However he did not appear to be in pain and certainly wasn't crying. Only on Friday morning when Lloyd pulled Matt up onto our bed did he start crying. Knowing that many RTSweeties have been reported to have unusually high pain thresholds we decided we had enough suspicious evidence to warrant an xray.
No doubt about it: a fractured left arm, just below the elbow. But as already mentioned we are not certain as to the cause - was it when Matt toppled off our bed; or when he ran and fell on the grass; or tripped on his toy in the lounge; or one of the many other times when his exhuberant playing caused him to bump into or fall off something? An unsolved mystery.
Lloyd took Matt to have his arm put in a cast - which I am told he endured with much grace and calmness. Initially Matt was not sure about wearing this cast. He can say the word OFF now, and initially would repeatedly show me his cast and request it be taken OFF. I think he understands that it is here to stay. He has since adjusted to having only one arm in use. He has figured out new ways to climb up on beds, chairs and stairs without assistance. He can still feed himself and open the cupboard to find his snacks. And can still find a way to spin plastic lids; play with his cars and turn the pages of a book. He is more independent than I thought he would be, and really only needs a hand to drink from a cup, take his clothes off and get up into the car seat.
The biggest impact the broken arm has had is on his ability to communicate. Matt tries to sign with one hand, but as many signs require the use of 2 hands. Often we are not sure what he is trying to say. But we are persevering. And we are also using some of the PECS pictures to help us where we get stuck.
For the next 4 weeks bath time will be a bit more tricky and sadly no swimming for Matt. But hopefully the time will pass quickly and by then the weather will be perfect for his first swim.
PS I'm also learning to do things with one hand. My reason is a little different - Nic likes to be included in what I am doing during most of the day. I have to admit that Matt has adapted far quicker and more proficiently than I have!!!


Scea said...

Oh Jacquie I hope this flipping thing works ... I am BBT (born before Technology!!!!) I have sent comments lately but not sure what happens ... greetings to all and gently cuddles too. Blessings on Nic and now Matt with one arm .. I am sure by the time the plaster comes off he will have conquered it ! Hope Llyod is doing OK with the exams I heard he is busy with tell him we think and pray with him ... Now that Mom is gone I have committed myself to tend to Sr Marie a great friend and mentor to me. She has a massive thoracic ascending and decending anuerysm producing different sypmtoms each day and together we wait for the thing to rupture then it is all over .... Thinking of you all down there be well and rejoice, as I know you do, in your two special gifts, no three, no four U, Llyod, Nic and darling Matt
love SCEA

Kristi said...

poor little guy but it sounds like he is handling it great. Hope he feels better soon.

Sawyer said...

Poor thing. I'm glad that he tolerating the cast well. I hope he gets to use both arms very soon.

Cindy said...

Oh no! I'm so glad you realized there was a problem before continuing further...that is always my greatest fear, that something will be really wrong with Natalie but we will ignore it.

How wonderful that he is saying words! But too bad this cast interferes with his signing...maybe it will be a turning point with him and help him to use other methods of communication. I pray he heals well and quickly!

Jane Jane said...

I pushed next blog and found yours. Thanks for being an awesome witness of Jesus.