Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Babies are not that interesting

When people ask me what Matt thinks of little Nic, my standard response is that "Nic doesn't come with buttons that play music or flashing lights, so Matt is not that interested in him". In fact most of the time Nic is ignored by his older brother. Matt knows the signs for "baby", "brother", and "nic", but will not really initiate converstation about his sibling. When asked "What does Nic say?" (as opposed to "What does a cow say? or a pig? where Matt will imitate the sound) Matt's response is that "Nic cries".

Matt is however really interested in Nic during his bath time. He watches very carefully as dad dunks the little crying guy into the water.

Here is Matt overseeing Nic's first bath at home.

Matt hasn't missed any of Nic's bath times yet! When he is not checking out Nic swimming, Matt loves to screw the vaseline and aqueous cream lids on and off.


Michelle said...

That's exactly how Austin was when Andrew was born! He could have cared less. He wasn't jealous, just didn't really care too much! Once Andrew was old enough to play with the rattles and musical toys, he started showing interest in him. Austin was always willing to hold his baby brother (for a brief few seconds) and give him kisses though. ;)

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

When Max came home Alex kept pressing the picture on Max's shirt, thinking Max would light up and play music....So sweet.

Sawyer said...

I think Sawyer will be like that as well once he has a sibling. Matthew is such a cute big brother.