Saturday, February 13, 2010

A signing party

For my birthday party this year we decided to have a SIGNING PARTY. After a lovely braai (barbecue), Lloyd and I ran a mini workship teaching our friends Matt's signs. We shared over 50 signs with them, and then we played a few word games with the signs to ensure everyone remembered them. In between the laughter and fun, our friends did so well. We were impressed with the speed at which they learnt the signs. We were so blessed they were enthusiastic about this, because we know Matt is just going to love having loads more people who understand him. It will also re-inforce the signs so he learns more. So we were just so thankful that the evening was such a success.


Kristi said...

That is absolutely beautiful that you have friends like that. I wish I was there.. So wonderful..

Cindy said...

What a great idea! So much better than silly, useless party games...this actually has a purpose and will be a real gift to you and Matt for the future.

Sawyer said...

You have awesome friends!