Sunday, September 27, 2009

Matt woke up to butterflies

Matt loves butterflies so to celebrate his 3rd birthday we decorated our lounge with these beautiful creatures. Unfortunately we didn't have the camera handy when we woke up and found his favourite animals perching on walls, picture frames and light switches.

In the afternoon we had a small party for Matt. We intentionally (but with difficulty) limited invites to the children that Matt knows and sees regularly. That way Matt would feel most comfortable and would not be overwhelemd by a big crowd.

The girls took to colouring in more butterflies for Matt.

Matt loved the food!

Robyn, Bryan, Daniella and Georgia - thrilled you could come

Jono and daughter Anna enjoying the balls. Smiley Grant turned into the "monster" that later chased the kids up and down our house, much to their absolute delight.

And what's a party without presents.

Maurietta had kindly agreed to sing some of Matt's nursery rhymes which she did with great enthusiasm. She captivated the attention of children and parents alike.

Anna drumming on the box!

Mom singing along, Matt enthralled

Ethan and Dad Richard clapping along.

Old Mac Donald had a rabbit...

So so so entertaining!

Matt loved the fact that everyone was singing his favourite songs - he sat there, entranced, grinning, and completely forgot to use his tamborine (which he usually shakes with much gasto!)

Matthew - we celebrate your 3 years!


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Matt! Celebrating with friends sure made your day even more special. I know you'll like being 3 because I love it!
Your friend,

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Matt! Sure looks like you had a great party. It's fun being 3. I'm exploring all over the place everyday.

Your Friend,


Myssie said...

Oh how cute! Happy birthday Matt! your party looks wonderful! Enjoy being three, I hear it's pretty cool!

Kristi said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Matt. I love the butterflies. Looks like you had a great party.

Terri H-E said...

Happy birthday, big boy. Sounds like you had the perfect party. What a great mama you have.

Here's to the next 3 years!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Happy birthday Matthew!

Tarah said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Matthew!

Lot's of hugs from the Peacock's.

Kennet said...

That was so loving of you to put butterflies everywhere for Matt :)