Friday, June 19, 2009

Our KZN Holiday part 1

We have just come back from our most enjoyable holiday since Matt's birth. We were visiting friends and family in and around Pietermaritzberg (in KwaZulu Natal aka KZN). Matt was healthy and happy and only vomitted once. Here are some of the highlights...

For the first 3 nights we enjoyed the restorative quality of nature...

We stayed in a rustic wooden chalet

We were adopted by the friendliest cat ever

Acacia trees surrounded the chalets.

We spent the rest of the week staying with friends and family. It was so good to connect with friends who we haven't seen in too long.

Dave and his newly born son, Samuel.

Leesa (David's wife) and their first born Matthew (great name!)

The two Matthews struggling to contain their excitement as bubbles rained down on them.

Grant and Angus (aka Angoose)

Bath time for the very dirty boys - both are big adventurers and explorers!

We spent a long weekend on the North Coast (at Salt Rock) with Grant, Shelly and Angus; Dorian, Yvonne and angelic Dana; and Andrew (who could make cool bird call sounds so Matt thought he was the best)

Another highlight of our trip was spending time with Lloyd's side of the family. Matt loved seeing his grandparents again. And also had fun playing with his cousins.

Grandpa introducing Matt to the local flora - cool texture

Matt was not so interested in the trampoline, but loved the swing!

Jonathan and Christopher assisting Matt with shapes. They kindly gave Matt their shapes toy that they had played with when they were younger -thanks guys

Breakfast time and Matt found the ancient coffee grinder (that still grinds excellent coffee) to be of great interest!

Matt even joined the Tooke boys rugby game!

Watch this space for more on what Matt discovered in KZN. (For some reason it is taking ages to upload photos this evening - so I will post more tomorrow, if I keep trying now its gonna drive me mad! )

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Cindy said...

What a fun vacation! I love the picture of 3 men blowing bubbles down on the kids. And I've never seen a trampoline like that, on the ground...did they dig a hole out below?