Thursday, January 3, 2008

Celebrating a vomit free day!

Matt vomits on average once a day, that’s over 465 vomits so far!

Matt has vomited on me, on his dad, on the couch, on the floor, in his bed, in our bed, in his high chair, in the bath, in church, in the pram, in the car, at our friend’s house, at the shop…

Matt has reflux problems – this means the food from his tummy sometimes comes back up his oesophagus. Add to this a sensitive gag reflex. And the result: VOMITS! When the reflux tickles the back of his throat he starts coughing, gagging and inevitably vomiting. And when he starts vomiting he can’t stop until he has cleared his tummy. When he has a cold, where the flem causes coughing, then the vomiting worsens.

Little Matt is a real fighter. You can see that he is uncomfortable during the vomiting, but afterwards he just gets on with life – playing, eating (again!), sleeping – whatever he was up to before the vomit happened.

Some days it really gets me down, especially as we are concerned about Matt’s weight. Other days its fine, we just get on with cleaning up the mess and feeding again.

I have found that one way of coping with an ongoing problem like this is to focus more on the vomit-free days, than on the vomit days. So in our house a vomit-free day is like a birthday or Christmas – greatly anticipated and greatly celebrated!

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Yaseen said...

Yay to the vomit-free days!