Sunday, December 24, 2006

Clouds and sunshine

The future…what a mixture of clouds and sunshine. There is a dark cloud of scientific report that tells us our child will be delayed. That he might not sit and walk until way after other normal children can. I imagine myself carrying a 5 year old. I see my child not being able to talk to me. My heart hurts and the dark cloud thickens. And yet there are the promises that we received from Our Father. There WILL be a banner of God’s goodness over Matt's life. He IS the Son of Light, the Son of Africa, a Joybringer, A Reflector of His Glory. And so the sunshine breaks through the clouds and there is a growing curiosity in our spirits. Like a children wondering what their parents have bought them for Christmas, we wonder how God WILL bring to fruition all He has promised over Matt's life. We join Moses, Joshua, David and so many others who lived with God’s promise burning in their hearts.

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